Nebulizer doesn’t require any additional configuration after installation: it is possible to supply either a Galaxy API key or a Galaxy username/password combination on the command line (alongside the URL of the Galaxy instance) each time a command is executed.

However this is both laborious and potentially insecure. Nebulizer can store Galaxy URL-API key pairs against aliases locally to make this easier, using the add_key command.

The simplest way to create a new alias is:

nebulizer -u EMAIL add_key ALIAS GALAXY_URL

Nebulizer will prompt for the password for the account and will then fetch and store the API key automatically.


For example: to add an alias main for Galaxy main at https://usegalaxy:

nebulizer -u add_key main

Alternatively you can supply an API directly on the command line:

nebulizer add_key ALIAS GALAXY_URL API_KEY


For example:

nebulizer add_key main 9b376af2250818d14949b3c

The stored alias can then be used instead of supplying the full Galaxy URL with an email/password combination or an API key; for example to get configuration information from Galaxy main using the config command:

nebulizer config main

See Storing and managing Galaxy API keys for more information on managing stored aliases.